Which end of the phospholipid is attracted to water?

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Aug 28, 2017

phospholipid is basically lipid with phosphate group


A phospholipid has two components:

  1. Phosphatidic acid
  2. Amino alcohol

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All phospholipids have phosphatidic acid as their backbone and an amino alcohol.Amino alcohol also is of three types:

  1. Coline
  2. Ethnaloamine
  3. Sphingosine


When coline binds with phosphatidic acid, it forms lesithin. When ethnaloamine binds with phosphatidic acid, it forms cephaline and when sphingosine binds with phosphatidic acid, it forms sphingolipid.

In all phospholipids, the phosphatidic acid is hydrophobic while amino alcohol is hydrophilic.

Aug 29, 2017

The end containing the phosphate group is attracted to water.


A phospholipid is a molecule that is formed by the condensation of:

  • a glycerol molecule
  • two fatty acids
  • a phosphate group
  • an alcohol

The most common phospholipid in the human body is lecithin.

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The components of a molecule of lecithin are

  • choline


  • phosphoric acid, #"H"_3"PO"_4#

  • glycerol


  • stearic acid


  • oleic acid


The end containing the choline and the phosphate group is called the hydrophilic head of the molecule.

The choline contains a positive charge and the phosphate has a negative charge, so they are highly solvated by water molecules.