Which is more cost effective: fission or fusion?

1 Answer
Nov 7, 2017

Fission, Fusion is not practical


Nuclear fusion has only been "controlled" in thermonuclear bombs and giant nuclear colliders. The giant colliders like the one in France and Switzerland are extremely expansive to build and operate. While the results are invaluable in particle research the products are not commercially viable. The thermonuclear (or Hydrogen H bomb) has no commercial application.

Cold fusion is an unrealized dream. If fusion could be controlled it would provide an potentially unlimited and pollution free source of energy. Sadly at the present time of there are no commercially viable nuclear fusion plants.

Nuclear fission plants are commercial viable. The nuclear fission plants produce energy at a lower cost than any other sources other than hydroelectric. However the potential cost of the disposal of the used nuclear power has not be calculated or solved. The long term storage of nuclear waste could easily exceed the present cost savings of fission plants.