Which of the following quantities is different from the others?

kinetic energy
potential energy

2 Answers
Mar 29, 2018

I think the answer is Potential Energy is the different one


All of the other quantities require motion.

Work is force applied over a distance

#KE = 1/2mv^2#, so if there is no change in velocity (either a change in position or a change in direction or both) there is no KE

F = ma, so without some change in acceleration, either a change in speed or direction or both, there is no acceleration.

Potential energy does not require motion. A book sitting on a shelf has potential energy equal to massgravityheight. No motion is involved.

Those are my thoughts anyway. There may be another way to look at this.

Mar 29, 2018

I believe force is the odd one out.


The SI units for work, kinetic energy, and potential energy are all Joules. The SI unit for force is Newtons.

Energy (potential energy, kinetic potential energy, or some other type of energy) must be applied to the task of doing work. Doing work can increase the energy of a system.

I hope this helps,