Which sentence contains a plural subject? Could you explain why?

Carson helped his parents clean out the garage.
Gulliver’s Travels is my favorite book.
The candidates for class president are giving their speeches tomorrow.
Either of these books will have the information you need.

1 Answer
May 17, 2018

Sentences 3 & 4


The subject of a sentence is essentially who/what it's about, or what is being described.

So, what are our subjects in the sentences?

  • Sentence 1: Carson
  • Sentence 2: Gulliver's Travels (a book)
  • Sentence 3: Candidates
  • Sentence 4: Books

Most plural words have an s on the end. The last two sentences are referring to more than one candidate, and more than one book (respectively). These are plural subjects.

You may be tempted to say sentence 2, because "Gulliver's Travels" has an s on the end, but remember, it is a book, which is not plural.

Hope this helps!