Which type of lines pass through points (0, 0) (-5, 3) and (5, 2) (0,5)?

1 Answer
May 5, 2018

Parallel lines.


Let's first find the slope of each line. If this doesn't give us our answer, we will find the exact equations.

The slope of the first line is given by "the change in y over the change in x", or "rise over run". The slope is #m_1 = (3 - 0)/(-5 - 0) = -3/5#.

The slope of the second line is given by #m_2 = (5 - 2)/(0 - 5) = -3/5#.

We notice that both of these lines have the same slope. Additionally, they both cross the y-axis at different places, meaning they are not the same line. Thus, they are parallel lines. Two lines which have the same slope are parallel. The graphs of two parallel lines will never cross one another.