White light is broken down into what colors?

1 Answer
Oct 23, 2017

white light splits into #color(red)(VIBGYOR#


white light disperses when seen through a glass or prism into 7 colors known as visible spectrum or #color(red)(VIBGYOR# where

  • V=violet
  • I=indigo
  • B=blue
  • G=green
  • Y=yellow
  • O=orange
  • R=red
    These colors are the only part of the entire electromagnetic spectrum which is visible to the naked eye. enter image source here it looks somewhat like this.
    1.#nu=#frequency is high for the color violet and keeps reducing till it comes to red.
  • #lambda=# wavelength is really low for violet and keeps increasing till it comes to red.
    3.refractive index(n)=it is high for violet and decreases down till red
  • #i_c#=critical angle is really low for violet and increases till red