Why are amines basic in nature?

1 Answer
Nov 19, 2015

Amines are basic in nature because the nitrogen atom in amines possesses a lone pair that can be donated.


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According to the Lewis acid-base concept, amines can donate an electron pair, so they are Lewis bases.

#"R"_3"N:" + "H"^+ → "R"_3stackrelcolor(blue)(+)("N")"-H"#

Also, Brønsted-Lowry bases can accept a proton to form substituted ammonium ions.

#"R"_3"N:" + "H"_2"O" ⇌ "R"_3 stackrelcolor (blue)(+)("N")"-H" + "OH"^-#

So, amines are bases according to both the Lewis and the Brønsted-Lowry theories.