Why are coal power plants good?

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Mar 3, 2018


coal power plants are good for many reasons. But to always remember what has a good side always has a bad one.



  1. coal power plants exit high amounts of heat as its and exothermic reaction that takes place. hence many thermal plants can be set up near it

  2. coal is a stable source of energy and there is no sudden scarcity like that happens with other fuels.

  3. It increases job opportunities and employs more people in the industry.

  4. lastly coal is the cheapest source available
    with many other alternative sources found coal industry has the cheapest means of getting electricity. ( though hydroelectricity would be the cheapest , but construction of dams and displacement of people is not accepted by large masses.)

These are the reasons why its good. but most of the time coal industry degrades the environment. we need to remember that and understand that even if is the most cheapest source ---- its high time we start shifting

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