Why are industries polluting our water resources?

1 Answer
May 2, 2017

Because they do not want to pay for "Pollution Control" or "Treatment"


In order to produce something (let's say a pencil), you want to minimize your expenses and maximize your price.

Expenses are for workers, machinery, electricity, your building, etc.

Your profit is your sales.

Now think about your process, you need water in your factory (to produce pencils). After you use water, it is contaminated. If you want to treat it, you have to buy a wastewater treatment unit. "Who wil pay for this expense (installing a wastewater treatment unit and operating it properly)?

If you want to operate your wastewater treatment unit, you have to increase unit price of a pencil to keep your profit same.

Most customers will be upset when they see a price increase. Therefore, they will search for alternative (cheaper) goods (pencils).

If you want to operate your wastewater treatment system, you have another solution: do not increase prices, but your profit will be lower.

And the "WORST" solution is "doing nothing", keep your business as it is. Do not pay attention on environmental quality, do not buy any wastewater treatment system, even if you do have one, do not operate it.

In most of the cases, industries do not want to pay for environmental services (for a greener future), they want to maximize their profits. That is why, we (in many cases) ignore "the environment".