Why are there different hormones in men and women? What happens if a person does not have enough or too much of a hormone?

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Sep 17, 2016

Men and women differ in their appearances due to presence of different gonads which secrete different hormones.
Imbalance in levels of hormones will lead to appearance of disease symptoms.


Men and women are dimorphic members of our species, i.e. they are phenotypically different in appearance. There are different gonads: men possess a pair of testes while women possess a pair of ovaries. Male gametes are sperms and female gametes are eggs.

Other than production of gametes, the gonads are alo producing different hormones. Testes secretes testosterone which has immense influence on different tissues like bones, blood, etc. Ovaries secrete two hormones alternately: oestrogen and progesterone . Oestrogen helps in development of breasts in female.

For contolling the functions of gonads, anterior pituitary secretes Gonadotropic Hormons (GTH). Males have
ICSH interstitial cell stimulating hormone,
FSH follicle stimulating hormone.

Females have
LH luteinising hormone,
FSH follicle stimulating hormone.

Hormonal imbalance causes physiological disorders. Different Hyposecretory and Hypersecretory problems could be listed.