Why did Franco pick Guernica, out of all the Basque cities, to bomb?

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Jan 15, 2016

Mainly, three reasons.


There were three main reasons for the attack on Guernica:

  1. First of all, bombarding Guernica would bring death to many Republican soldiers preparing to fight in Bilbao against Franco and the nationalists. Guernica was a rather important town during the "Campaña de Vizcaya" (literally "Vizcaya's Campaign" - Vizcaya is a basque city). There, republicans had three weapon factories and many soldiers prepared to fight. Plus, it was used as a Republican HQ and was of relative important for communication between Basque Country and the rest of Democratic Spain.
  2. In second place, bombarding towns would prove to Hitler the effectiveness of the Luftwaffe - air strikes during the Spanish Civil War were mostly carried out by the 'Condor' Legion, part of the Luftwaffe sent to fight in Spain.
  3. Thirdly, and lastly, either taking or destroying Guernica would be a gigantic step towards taking Bilbao. Even though Franco did try to take Guernica, he eventually gave in and let the Germans - and Italians - do the work.

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