Why do you think most Americans went along with Eisenhower's conservative approach to domestic policy?

1 Answer
Feb 21, 2016

Not sure what you are asking, however, Eisenhower was generally viewed as a hero of WW2 who ultimately brought peace.


A curious point: The Republican party in 1952 put forth Eisenhower as their candidate even though they had no idea what his political inclinations were.

But Eisenhower was viewed as a hero warrior of WW2 even though he never was anywhere near the battles in Europe. He was, however, a good statesman who had to reign in the super-egos of both American and British Generals.

Eisenhower enjoyed a very favorable opinion among the American public in the early 50s and through both his terms. Even when he was bedbound, which he was frequently in the later years of his administration, he maintain a high public opinion.

People simply liked him and when he spoke to the American public, he came across as a very likeable person. Sometimes, this time, that is all it takes.