Why do you think the businessmen are drawn so large in cartoons?

2 Answers
Oct 19, 2017



A lot of businessmen/women are drawn large to symbolize large profits their companies make. Especially in the financial crisis we had in 2008, Wall St. and other big companies are drawn large in political cartoon to symbolize their greed, profits, and overall disgust by some other their actions.

Oct 20, 2017

Cartoons are an Artistic medium and draw things larger or smaller to draw the eye into the story of the Cartoon.


This can add humor when you see large things first and smaller things second. Certain people may had personalities that loom larger and so are portrayed larger. Cartoons are mean to poke fun and reveal political comment.

To say that Businessmen are always drawn large would need more proof than just this statement. Which Cartoon Artists draw Businessmen large? Is this a trait of that Artist? Which Artist have you noticed that draw businessmen large and is their research available to tell you why?