Why is a C-O bond more polar than a F-O bond?

1 Answer
Jan 9, 2017

There is a greater difference in electronegativity between the C-O bond than the F-O bond.


The bond between Carbon and Oxygen has a difference of 1.0 in electro negativity.

Oxygen is 3.5-3.6
Carbon is 2.6

# 3.6- 2.6 = 1.0# a polar covalent bond

Fluorine is 4.0
Oxygen is 3.6

# 4.0- 3.6 = 0.4 # a slightly polar covalent bond

Note in the C-O the Oxygen is the oxidizer and becomes negative in charge.

Note in the F-O the Oxygen is the reducers and becomes positive in charge.