Why is deforestation happening?

1 Answer
Dec 2, 2016

For fuel, for furniture and for gaining agricultural land


Deforestration occurs due to (a) natural causes such as natural fires and (b) anthropogenic causes.

There are countries that love to produce furniture although they do not cut down their trees. One example is Japan. They get their timber from Brazil or other countries to have wooden furniture, houses, etc.

Another cause is having an agricultural land. They burn forests. In some countries, converting natural forests into palm trees is a popular activity. Some big corporations love palm oil to produce their food.

Another factor is to get an increase in urban population. In Canakkale (Turkey) for example, contruction companies cut down olive trees to have an open space to build apartment blocks.

All types of human activities tend to deforest land. Only expection is forest lovers, reforesters and environmentalists.