Why is it necessary to add a question mark in your question? Some problems require a full stop instead of a question mark.

For example,
Ques - Find the roots of #x^2 + 4 + 4#.

2 Answers

I think that is the way the algorithm works.


You could write: How can I find the roots of #x^2+4+4?# for example.

Jul 14, 2017

Depends on the sentence structure.


Not only in mathematical question, it happens in other fields of study too.

For instance-

  1. Richard himself was responsible for his doom. Discuss.
  2. Was Richard himself responsible for his doom?

Both of the questions demand some explanation from you. The second one is asking for your own opinion and its approach is direct.

But you also can't deny that, in the 1st question, none has restricted you from stating your point of view. You can refute the given statement and can boldly prove some other reason to be the proper reason for Richard's doom.

So, it's clear that using a question mark never differs your answer. While answering the question, your presentation varies though.