Why is the wind an energy source with limited uses?

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Aug 11, 2016

In general it is not continuous.


First, wind turbines has some effects. They kill birds, bees, etc. Second wind is not homogeneous all the time. Third, turbine producers are in developed countries and demand comes from developing countries (although they do not have enough money). There are other problems but I guess this answer is enough.

Mar 17, 2017

Primarily due to greatly varying intensities and availability.
ALL energy sources have their own limitations. There is no one “perfect” power source.


However, unlike every other source other than direct sunlight, the wind is a potential energy source worldwide. It has been used for centuries, so do not compare its potential only to modern “wind farms”.

The limitations as mentioned are the variability in the intensity of the wind in any location, and the actual amount of time that the wind blows. The variability can be compensated for quite a bit with both low-inertial (low wind speed) designs and automatic trims to avoid damage in high wind speeds.

The availability of wind is more subject to regional differences, but wind does occur everywhere. Compensating for intermittent wind can be done with battery storage systems for electricity or cisterns for water.