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Why might aquatic ecosystems have inverted biomass pyramids?

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Feb 12, 2018


  • See below:


  • In aquatic ecosystem, the pyramid of biomass may be inverted.

www.cloudfront. net

  • EXAMPLE : Biomass of zooplanktons is higher than that of phytoplanktons as the life span of former is longer and latter multiply much faster though having shorter lifespan.

A number of generations of phytoplanktons may thus be consumed by single generation of zooplanktons .

Biomass of fish may be larger as fishes are large in size with longer lifespan and a number of generations of zooplanktons can be consumed by fishes.

  • However, during transfer, only 10 % of the biomass of one generation is passed on to next trophic level .

  • Sum total of biomass of benthic animals and brown algae exceeds the other producers and consumers in aquatic ecosystem.

www.cloudfront. net

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