Will computer programming ever be a subject?

I'm in the process of learning C++ and JavaScript and I would really love to see a section for it.

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Jan 13, 2018

I wouldn't expect to see this any time in the near future


I see a number of problems in making "computer programming" a subject. The range of programming languages possible and constantly evolving (not to mention varying implementations, IDEs, and OSs) would result in distributing Socratic resources very thin.

Jan 16, 2018

Do you have questions about programming?


I have been on Socratic for a while. Mostly, solving physics problems, which I enjoy, but the occasional programming question has slipped thru!

Here's a Socratic question about sprite animation that I responded to with a Youtube video tutorial.


It has a link to a video series I started a while ago that I would like to revive.

The channel is centered around game dev using Javascript, but will also touch on PHP, Python, C++ and other applications outside of game dev (e.g. discrete math, data science, numerical modelling and simulation).

Programming topics for next month are in the works, so feel free to visit the channel and send your questions thru the comment section or direct message on Youtube or here on Socratic.

You might also consider StackOverflow and w3schools .

Good luck!