Would Socratic be a good place to ask a question about US law?

I have a question about a conflict of interest , but I don't see any category that is along the lines of law.

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Aug 2, 2017

It may be a good place to start.


This Socratic site is primarily focused on science topics - maybe because that is where most people have problems. It also has the language (English) topics and History. There is no specific "Law" category.

However, the term "conflict of interest" is NOT a "legal term". It is used in law in the same way that it can be applied to anything else. It may best be described as an ethical issue.

It may become part of a legal requirement if it is written into other legal documents such as contracts or regulations. Even there it is difficult to define exactly when a "conflict of interest" exists, and whether it has any bearing on anything else.

The general negative implication is that when someone has independent interests in things that affect each other, their actions will normally enhance their own outcomes at the possible expense of other 'partners' in any of those other things.