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Sep 7, 2015

I will give you an example of a real life problem (application to real life)
You may attempt a solution to this problem and then post it, and I will mark it for you and help you if you battle t solve it, just let me know.


During a BMX freestyle competition in J-bay, a rider performs
a perfect wall ride. At what minimum velocity must he travel if he
wants to remain in contact with the wall for at least 3 m, if the
coefficient of static friction between his tyres and the wall is 0,50.
(Hint : The normal force provides the required centripetal force to
maintain motion in a 3 m radius circular section).

enter image source here
Photo courtesy of Trevor Ryan, 2007. Taken in Jeffrey's Bay, a small town just outside Port Elizabeth, South Africa.
The rider pictured is Sheldon Burden, BMX freestyle champion 2007