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Jun 6, 2015

A FIx formatting flag is usually raised to let contributors know that an answer needs to be improved, more often than not, in terms of how equations and math calculations are written.

For example, something like this:

molar mass=mass/no. moles
molar mass= 100g/2moles = 50g/mol

can be written, using the available formatting options, like this

#"molar mass" = "mass"/"no. of moles"#

#"molar mass" = "100 g"/"2 moles" = "50 g/mol"#


2x^2 - 4x = 0 => 2x(x-2) = 0

can be written as

#2x^2 - 4x = 0 => 2x(x-2) = 0#

and so on.

So, as a conclusion, when you write an answer, try to use #'s for equations, calculations, or formulas. Also, try not to have very long paragraphs, as they make the answer difficult to read.

Read more about how to write great answers on Socratic here: