What are recent collaborators?

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May 28, 2015

Collaborators are those who help support your answers to the questions in Socratic. For example, if I help edit your answer to one of the questions, I will be considered a collaborator.

You can't get it directly, but people who add/edit answers to a question would automatically appear in your profile list. Be aware that their contributions to an answer appear next to the owner's answer. If you decide to edit one's work because of some mistakes, be mindful of plagiarism and credit the original owner's writing.

The reason for collaborators is to fix any problems that may be wrong and make them more clear or reliable to students. If an answer is poorly written, students would often ask for improvements and collaborators can help fix the answer or add details necessary for learning a particular topic. It is just like an editor of a book, he/she can check to see if the author's writing is good but also, by permission, add information the author forgot to mention.

Hopefully, it makes sense as you get used to the online resource! :-)

Feb 18, 2016

In Short they are the people who have worked with you on Socratic.


1) Either they have edited your answer.
2) You have edited their answer.
3) I might be that you and other person would have written answers for the same question.

So these people add up in your Recent Collaborators list which is shown below the map in your profile.

You don't need to get them but if you want them then edit their answers or give answers to the question they are giving.