What happened to "suggest improvements" on answers?

"Suggest improvements" changed recently so I wanted to share how it works.

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Feb 24, 2016

We recently updated the "suggest improvements" feature in hopes of making it more useful for both contributors and students learning.

Here's how it works:

Instead of seeing a "suggest improvements" button at the bottom of an answer, you'll see a "more" button in the top right corner:

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Here, you'll see two options:

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Here's when to use each one:

Report answer

When something in the answer is #color(red)("inappropriate")# and should be considered for #color(red)("removal")# from Socratic.

Here is what Socratic considers inappropriate.

When an answer is reported, it is sent immediately to the Socratic team, who will take appropriate action to remove or fix whatever might be harmful.

Request double check

When the answer needs to be looked over by a community member to check for #color(blue)("accuracy")#.

Here is Socratic's policy on accuracy.

We want to make sure that no #color(red)("incorrect")# or #color(red)("false")# information is getting published on Socratic, since this can be harmful to students who are learning.

If you see an answer that may contain incorrect information, and you're not prepared to fix it yourself, request a double check. Doing so will add a banner to the answer requesting that someone from the community review it for incorrect information.

Requesting a double check will also add the answer to the filter found on your dashboard. From here, you can look through answers that need a double check and fix them if you can.

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Let us know what you think or what's confusing in the comments.

Go learning!