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Nov 3, 2015

Boyle's law - P-V relation
Charles law - T-V relation
There is also
Gay-Lussac - P-T relation



Gay-Lussac (P-T relation) - Flame impingement on aerosol can - Aerosol cans that are placed near open flame (or even inside hot cars) will cause an increase in canister pressure. This may cause the canister structure to fail and rupture.

Boyle's law (P-V relation) - Piston engine - The combustion of fuel increased the pressure which caused a increase of volume through the displacement of piston.

Charles law (T-V relation) -Manned balloon flight - When Jacques Charles initially created manned-balloon flight using hydrogen gas produced through an exothermic chemical reaction, he did not cool it down before charging it into the balloon. He subsequently found that after some time, the volume of the balloon deflated. He fixed the system by cooling the hydrogen before charging it into the balloon and achieved the first manned-balloon flight.