What are #(i)# #"malleability"#; #(i)# #"ductility"#; #(iii)# #"metallic bonding"#; and #(iv)# #"bond polarity"#?

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Jan 7, 2016

You have four questions above, I will give 4 quick answers.


Malleable means the ability of a material to be beaten out into a sheet. Ductile means that the material is able to be drawn out into a wire. Malleability and ductility are properties for which metals are prized. Metallic bonding accounts for these special properties.

Bond polarities refer to the covalent bond. In a polar covalent bond one of the participating elements has polarized electron density to its side of the bond, and the element has acquired a partial negative charge, whereas its partner acquires a corresponding positive charge. The #O-H# bond in water is a classic example of a polar covalent bond; the more electronegative oxygen has acquired a partial negative charge.

You will have to look yourself for the applications, but these ideas allow prediction of the nature of the bond, an idea as to its strength, and maybe a prediction of reactivity.

Much broader and detailed definitions of these subjects appear elsewhere on Socratic. You will have to use your google fu to find them.