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Feb 27, 2016

A little bit at a time.


I will use the analogy of bouncing a ball to illustrate. When you initiate the downward movement of a ball after its rebound you will only tap it again after a specific fraction of time has elapsed. To make the ball go higher and higher you will have to reinforce the downward movement.

Learning works in a similar way. When you first commence learning a subject there is a time lapse after which you revisit the same subject matter. If you study your behaviour over time you will observe that a natural inclination will develop towards learning after a specific time interval. The average person may not see this rhythmic pattern but it is there just like points in a wave that are in phase.

Try this experiment. When next you try learning something new accompany this with a background audio vibration (music sense of hearing) something youve never heard before. You can also use essential oil (sense of smell).

You then abstain from having this background entrainment for several days. Wait until the same sound vibration rings in your head automatically then reinforce learning.

In practice there will be several points of initiation so you have multiple waveforms to track.