How is innate behavior adaptive?

1 Answer
Nov 13, 2017

Unlearned behaviour of an individual is called innate behaviour, such as the crying of an infant


Innate behaviour is not learned by any means (observation, modelling, experience, etc.) and the individual has not been exposed to it previously. Such behaviour is also called "instinctive behaviour". Examples of innate behaviour may include:

  • Crying:
    As an infants cries even at the very first moments of her life when she has not yet experienced anything.

  • Response to hot object:
    When an individual comes in contact with a hot object accidentally or unwillingly, for example a hot iron, he automatically pulls his contacting body part away immediately. He has not learned to respond
    in this way but his reflexes cause him to respond innately.

  • Emotional expressions:
    Studies show that almost all cultures have specific expressions of emotions, whether people are exposed to other cultures and media or not. For example, in almost every culture a frowned face is used to express anger.