Paralysis does not get cured: is it true?

1 Answer
Oct 23, 2016

Complete cure is not possible in paralysis because damage is there in neurons which do not divide in our lifetime.


Paralysis when permanent, involves disabling of nerves in brain or spinal cord. There could be loss of either sensory or motor function or cognitive and/or mental impairment depending on the area of central nervous system where neurons become damaged.

Unfortunately neurons are such cells of our body which divide only in early embryonic life in womb and never after. Thus new neurons are not generated to take over the function of old/dying neurons. Thus a victim should be gradually trained to adapt to life with disability. Encouragement and professional help from physiotherapists, etc. will eventually allow a person with paralysis to lead an independent life. Doctors are hopeful that in future injection of stem cells may partially 'cure' paralysis.