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Dec 25, 2017



Florine has the highest electro negativity of any element.
Florine because of its high electro negativity never forms positive ions or acquires a positive electronically charge.

Metals form positive charges, non metals form negative charges.
While Florine never forms a positive charge chlorine does.
When Chorine forms polyatomic ions with Oxygen the chlorine takes on a positive charge.

Oxygen has a higher electro negativity than Chlorine so when Oxygen and Chlorines share electron density the electron cloud has a greater likelihood of being found nearer to the Oxygen. This leaves the Chlorine with a positive charge. # ClO^-1# The Chlorine has a +1 charge, # ClO_2^-1# The Chorine has a +3 charge. # ClO_3^-1# The Chlorine has a +5 charge.

Because Florine has a higher electron negativity and never has a positive charge like Chlorine, Florine is more non metallic than Chlorine.