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Aug 15, 2016

A fraction answer is more accurate than a rounded off decimal.
#25/618, 5/127, 25/148#


The quotient is the answer to a division.
I assume that fraction answers are required.

As these calculations are unrealistic to simplify manually, we will need to use a calculator, but we must remember the following

When dividing by a decimal we can make the divisor into a whole number by multiplying by a power of 10.

A fraction answer is better than a rounded off decimal.

#47.5/1174.2 = (47.5xx10)/(1174.2xx10) = 475/11742 = 25/618#

#(8.43xx1000)/(214.122 xx1000) = 8430/214122 = 5/127#

#(4.38xx10000)/(25.9296xx10000) = 43800/259296 = 25/148#