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Jul 15, 2017

Strong Base collection => Group IA and Group IIA Hydroxides (Except for Beryllium Hydroxide) can be titrated with strong acid such that concentration of Alkali-Hydroxide = concentration of Hydroxide ion in solution & indicates 100% dissociation.


Starting with say 1.0 mole/Liter NaOH in aqueous solution and titrating to end point with strong acid ( ~HCl(aq)) gives concentration of the Hydroxide ion #(OH^-)# in solution to equal 1.0 moles/Liter. Such is the starting amount of NaOH measured and dissolved into solution.

That is, for #NaOH(aq) => Na^+(aq) + OH^(-)(aq)#

#[OH^-] = [NaOH]# at end point & indicates 100% dissociation.