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Sep 1, 2016

See below for the formula that the brewing industry uses.


All hydrometers are calibrated to be accurate at a given temperature.

Most new hydrometers are calibrated for 68 °F (20 °C).

Hydrometer Calibration Temperature

The density of fluids changes as their temperature changes, so you will get an inaccurate reading if you don’t measure the specific gravity at your hydrometer's calibration temperature.

You must correct each of your readings for temperature differences before you can compare them.

The formula to correct a reading for any hydrometer calibration temperature is as follows:

#CG = "corrected gravity"#
#MG = "measured gravity"#
#T_r = "temperature at time of reading (in °F)"#
#T_c = "calibration temperature of hydrometer (in °F)"#

#CG = MG((1.00130346 - 0.000134722124T_r + 0.00000204052596T_r^2- 0.00000000232820948T_r^3)/(1.00130346 - 0.000134722124T_c + 0.00000204052596T_c^2- 0.00000000232820948T_c^3))#

You may find it easier to use this calculator from Brewer's Friend.