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Dec 25, 2016

The correct answer is 3


Work is defined mathematically as

#W=FDeltad costheta#

The cosine term acts to project the force vector into the direction of the displacement.
For example, if #Deltad# lies in the #x#-direction, then only the component of F that lies in the #x#-direction contributes to the work done by the force.
In general, we consider only the component of F that acts in the direction of #Deltad# when evaluating the work done. (Of course, the magnitude of #Deltad# must not be zero.)

Choice 1 is too restricted and does not correctly allow for two-dimensional motion.
Choice 2 is completely wrong!
Choice 4 - what!?
Choice 5 - the object must move, or no work is done.
Choice 6 - Each force can do work on the object. The net force will determine the change in kinetic energy that results.