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Dec 11, 2016

The best answer is d


In the drawing carbon has four bonds. A single bond to the other carbon and a triple bond to the nitrogen.

A. has only two bonds so can not be the answer
B. has four bonds so could be the answer but there are two s bonds using the s orbital shown Carbon has only one s orbital
C. has only two bonds it show the s orbital being split between two p orbitals The splitting of the s orbital is correct but needs four bonds
D. has four bonds so could be correct and it shows the splitting of the s orbital between the three p orbitals (best answer)
E. has six bonds not four. It shows the splitting of the s orbital between 4 p orbitals Carbon has only 3 p orbitals.

Dec 20, 2016

The electron domain geometry is linear; the #σ# bond between #"C"# and #"N"#
involves c) #bb"sp/sp"# overlap.


Per VSEPR theory, a carbon atom that has two electron domains should have a linear electron geometry.

(From StudyBlue)

The molecule will be linear with a bond angle of 180°.

The nitrogen atom also has two electron domains: the lone pair and the triple bond to the carbon.

Linear electron geometry corresponds to #"sp"# hybridization.

Since both #"C"# and #"N"# are #"sp"# hybridized, the #σ# bond between them consists of #bb"sp/sp"# overlap.