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Jan 17, 2017



relatively to a standard state of 0°C and liquid water, we have 150 g (100 water + 50 equivalent of calorimeter ) at 20°C = 3 Kcal (0,15 kg x 20°C x 1 Kcal /Kg °C). To melt 100g of ice you need 8 Kcal (0,1 Kg x 80 Kcal/kg). The lukewarm water hasn't enough heat so, at equilibrium you have a mixture of ice and water. Since the water had cooled 37,5 g (0,1 kg x 3Kcal/8Kcal ) of ice are melted and it will remain 137,5 g ( 100g +37,5g) of water and 62,5 of ice