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Oct 5, 2017

Ribosomes make proteins or can also be explained as the protein synthesizers of the cell.


These organelles are the sites at which proteins are synthesized. The cell needs proteins for many different things like to make up enzymes which are for speeding up chemical reactions in the body. Proteins are also used to support the cells function which are embedded in the cell membrane. Some of these types of proteins include:

  • Channel and Carrier Proteins (Transports materials)
  • Receptor Proteins (Involved with communication between other cells)
  • Cell Recognition proteins (Controls what goes in and out of the cell)

Whenever a cell needs a protein, they look for ribosomes. They can be found in both prokaryotes (bacteria cells) and eukaryotes (plant and animal cells).

If you want more information, this is a pretty informative website about the role of ribosomes: