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Apr 6, 2017

There are many reasons.


Humans and plants work together to balance gases. Humans need oxygen, and produce carbon dioxide as a waste product. Plants, on the other hand, need carbon dioxide and produce oxygen as a waste. If all plants died, we would soon run out of oxygen to breathe.

If all plants died, we would also run out of food. Obviously, we would have no fruits, vegetables, nuts, grain/rice or other foods that grow on plants. If there are no plants then there will be no food for herbivorous animals, and they would all eventually die. We would be affected by this directly, because these animals provide milk or meat for us. (this rules out all the food groups.)

Even if only one type of plant were to become extinct, it would have a large effect on the food chain (think the butterfly effect). Without all plants, human survival would be almost impossible.

This is why protecting nature is very important!!