Why are so many of my views from San Francisco?

1 Answer
Apr 7, 2017


San Francisco loves Socratic!


Right from the start, you should know that the USA accounts for most of the traffic we get on Socratic.

Now, San Francisco is one of the most important, if not the most important, tech cities in the USA, so it would make sense to see a lot of traffic coming in from that city.

Teens and college students everywhere are very much in tune with the world of educational apps and learning platforms, but San Francisco stands out in terms of just how many students turn to Socratic for help.

So given enough time, you will get an important part of your views from San Francisco. I think that this is true for every contributor -- San Francisco may not be number #1# on everybody's impact map, but it's sure close!

New York is another important tech city that accounts for a significant part of the traffic we get. In fact, this is true of all major US cities. Socratic is an American company, so it's not surprising that it's most popular in the USA.

Mind you, Socratic has a very impressive international reach as well, but, like I said, the USA is still top dog in terms of traffic on the site.