Is it possible to get an incorrect answer on Socratic?

1 Answer


It's unfortunate, but it can happen that someone will rely on an incorrect answer. The key then is to do what we can to minimize the occurrence of errors.


It is a part of life that mistakes will be made. Sometimes they lead to really cool discoveries (such as Mr. Fleming finding out that the bread mold he was experimenting with turned out to be an amazing killer of bacteria - and thus was penicillin discovered), but most often they are just errors.

The key then is to minimize errors. How can that happen?

Between Contributors (the people who answer questions) taking pride in their work and checking their answers (where possible), and the Socratic community editing answers for obvious errors and writing new answers to a question to highlight a new or different approach, the error rate (while not reasonably measurable) I would think is quite low.

It could happen, however, that someone will rely on an answer provided by Socratic that is incorrect. I would hope that that person, once in possession of the correct answer, would take the time to edit the answer on Socratic to make it correct.