Is sugar a solute in Kool Aid, maple syrup, or in soft drink? What is the solute in vinegar?

1 Answer
Jun 12, 2017

Well, sugar is certainly a solute in Kool Aid, maple syrup, and in soft drink.


But vinegar is about 5-20% acetic acid in water (v/v). I have written before somewhere here that vinegar and water was the standard drink of the Roman army, and when in the New Testament, a Roman soldier offered Jesus Christ a sponge soaked in gall (i.e, in vinegar), he was in fact performing a charitable act; i.e. he offered what he drank himself.

It has been a long while since I have had real maple syrup. I was in Quebec city for a visit, and I cooked for friends, and for desert that night I served up banana fritters, and ice cream, and maple syrup. My guests all had orgasms, as they had only had maple syrup on pancakes before (I used to put Golden Syrup on my banana fritters, but maple syrup is so full of flavour!).

Just to also add that in English it is a disparaging idiomatic expression to say that #"someone has drunk all the Kool Aid"#, i.e. that someone is a proponent of wacky and improbable ideas.