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Jun 12, 2017

#"Density" = 1.1 g/"cm"^3#


The first thing I like to do is write down the important information and what I'm trying to find
length = 3 cm
width = 6 cm
height = 4 cm
mass = 80.0
Density = ??

Then I find the formula I need
The formula for density is
#"Density" = "Mass"/"Volume"#

Do we have what we need? We have mass, but we don't have volume.
Can we use the information to find volume? Yes - if we multiply the length, width, and height together we can get the volume.

so #"Volume" = "length" xx "width" xx" height"#

Plug in what you know

#"Volume" = 3 cm xx 6 cm xx 4cm = 72 cm^3#

now that you know volume in your density formula
#"Density" = 80/72# which is 1.1111111111 (repeating)

Going back to your questions to figure out how many digits your answers needs - since the smallest amount of digits is 2 (in 3.0) your answer should have two digits

#"Density" = 1.1 g/"cm"^3#