What will happen to a user who posts abusive content?

2 Answers
Aug 23, 2017

He will be banned.


Abusive, rude, or inappropriate behavior is unacceptable on Socratic. Any user who spams or posts inappropriate content of any kind will be banned on sight.

In this regard, if you happen to see someone who posts inappropriate content, send me a note and I'll swing by and take appropriate action.

Adding to the answer, highlighting a few ways to report inappropriate content and conduct.


I'll throw in here that there are a few ways to report this kind of activity:

  • Just under the question is an "Edit Question" drop down box. Click on it and it will offer Report Question (I've used this to report inappropriate questions) #-># not available for newcomers to the site
  • For an inappropriate answer, there is a drop down box labeled "More" which is next to the Edit and Share boxes. Click on the More and Report Answer will come up (which I've also used a few times) #-># not available for newcomers to the site
  • If there is inappropriate use of the comments thread, you can either report the answer or you can link Stefan Z into the thread and he'll get a notification to come visit and deal with it (his "@ address" is @ stefan-zdre #larr# get rid of the space between the @ sign and the rest of it for it to work)


Newcomers to the site are no longer able to report inappropriate content using Report question and Report answer #-># more info on that soon!