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Aug 29, 2017

Volume = #245.2cm^3 #
Weight = #612.2g#


Several assumptions are implicit in the question. The first is the temperature. Although the density is stated, that assumes a particular temperature, as density varies with temperature.

The second one is the definition of “full”. A real volumetric flask will have a mark to which it is filled. The meniscus of different fluids would be more pronounced at the opening of the flask.

With those assumptions stated the volume of the flask is the difference between its full and empty weights with water.
#494.5g – 249.3g = 245.2g# ; #245.2g/(1.00g/(cm^3)) = 245.2cm^3 #
With this volume we can now calculate the weight when filled with chloroform.
#”Weight” = “Flask Weight” + "Chloroform" "Weight"#
#”Weight” = 249.3g + 1.48g/(cm^3) xx 245.2cm^3 = 612.2g#