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Sep 8, 2017

2981.982 cm^3


Density is equal to mass divide by volume

#density = "mass"/"volume"#

Since we need the volume, the formula has to be written in terms of volume which can be done in 2 ways:

  • Criss-cross multiplication, where
    the term which is the denominator on one side of the equation (which in this case is volume),
    is simply swapped with the term the numerator of the the other side (which in this case is density).
    so we get


  • The other and lengthy way f doing this is by multiplying both sides of equation by volume to get volume on the numerator of the right side and get rid of the volume on denominator the left side:


the volume on the right side of the equation will cancel each other,


then we divide both sides of the equation to isolate the volume on the right side of the equation:

#("density"*"volume")/"density" = "mass"/"density"#


#volume = "mass"/"density"#

And from here you just have to put the values in, but remembering that you have to convert #3.31 kg# to grams by multiplying it by a thousand .

#3.31 * 10^3 = 3310 g#

#volume = "3310g"/1.11 = 2981.982 cm^3#