A student announced that she had made a sample of a new material that had a density of 0.85 g/#cm^3#. Can you tell how large a sample she had made? How?

1 Answer
Jan 19, 2017

Can you tell me how much water you have if I tell you its density is #"0.998 g/mL"#? (No. You could have a droplet... or several oceans. They'll all have densities near #"1 g/mL"#.)

Consider that density is an intensive property. All that means is that no matter how much you have of something, its density remains the same (assuming a uniform material).

The only properties that can change due to the quantity of the thing are extensive properties, i.e. mass, volume, etc.

If you want to know how much that student made... ask for the pudding, and look in there for the proof.