Active days goes down?

Hello everyone! I've got a quick question. I'm usually active on the physics, chemistry, and biology sections on Socratic. However, one thing I don't understand, is that I'm "active 7 days this week", and when I come back about 2 hours later, I drop to "active 6 days this week". Why does this happen?

1 Answer
Feb 16, 2018

Here's the deal.


The idea here is that the number of days that you have in the "Top Contributors" tab depends on when exactly you were active during the day, i.e. at what time, not on if you were active on a given day.

In other words, the counter works by looking at your activity in intervals of #24# hours that rest at #00:00# #"UTC"# regardless of your time zone, just like your streak counter.

So you can go from being active #7# days this week to being active #6# days this week within a few hours because the counter looks at the time interval between your answers/edits, not at the fact that you were active on a given day.

The actual mechanism is pretty difficult to describe so I'm not going to attempt to do it here, but the take-home idea is that it's not that just the fact that you were active every day in the last #7# days, it's also at what time during the day you posted.