Although Chancellorsville was Lee's most brilliant victory, his army would never be the same again. Why?

1 Answer
Mar 6, 2017

His most aggressive and innovative general, General Stonewall Jackson was killed by his own men after the victory.


General Jackson would be sorely missed at the battle of Gettysburg. The general who took his place was given responsibility for taking the hill at the fish hook of Cementary ridge. He did not attack the ridge. General Jackson would have attacked and possibly taken the high point before it was well defended by the Union.

If Lee's army had taken control of the ridge Gettysburg would have most likely have been a southern victory.

General Jackson could be trusted to take part of the army and command his part independently. This left General Lee free to concentrate his attention on the larger part of the army more effectively. After General Jackson's death Lee had to maintain control of the entire force. This rendered the Army of Northern Virginia less flexible and responsive in battle.