An equilateral triangle has a side length of 24 inches. What is its perimeter?

2 Answers

72 in.


Since this triangle is an equilateral triangle, all sides are equal. You only have to multiply the side you are given by 3. Doing so you get:


Thus, 72 inches is your answer.

Note: This only works for equilateral triangles. With isosceles or scalene triangles, you must have the angular quantities to do the problem.

May 9, 2018

#72# inches


The perimeter is the sum of the sides of a given shape. We know a few things about our shape:

  • We have a triangle, which has #3# sides
  • This is an equilateral triangle, meaning the lengths are equal
  • One side is #24# inches

If all of the sides are the same, we are essentially adding

#24+24+24# to get

#72# inches

Hope this helps!