Are currencies, like the Euro or Dollar, countable or uncountable? I was alway lead to believe that Euro was uncountable, (1 Euro; 4 Euro; 12Euro50(€12.50) ) along with the Pound and the word "money". I am beginning to doubt this now.

I know "money" is uncountable, but I was asked if "dollar" was countable or uncountable and I wasn't sure which lead me on this search. My biggest support on this is the last €20 note in my wallet, which clearly states 20 Euro!

1 Answer
Apr 25, 2016

In the "good old days" currency was countable, but now it isn't.


If you say "5 Euros" it is now regarded as specifically asking for 5 separate coins. (Usually we would ask for 5 Euro-coins).
"5 Euro" would be asking for the amount.